Plenty of Pink Peonies – Wordless Wednesday


With all the peonies blooming around here, I couldn’t pass up sharing a photo or two with you. Enjoy your Wednesday!


Lego Swords – Wordless Wednesday

The latest original creations from the Lego enthusiasts around here:  Lego swords.

Designed by the Investigator and the Artist.
Designed by the Architect.
The Explorer, of course, also designed his own sword.  He named it Orcrist the Clown Cleaver.

It’s always an adventure.

An Unfamiliar Path

When venturing down an unknown trail, there is always risk.  You don’t know what lies beyond.  You may encounter difficulties and dangers or you may find relaxation and enjoyment.  And when you are hiking in the Flatirons with four children, you prefer it be the latter.

Imagine: your morning journey begins by heading up a windy path into the aptly named Rocky Mountains.  You feel slight trepidation; you’ve never been up this way before.

An Uphill Path

Further along you wade into rocky terrain that twists your ankles a bit.  The road becomes increasingly scattered with boulders as it steeps upward.  Because you have a husband and four children with you who are showing no signs of fatigue, you smile and keep moving.

The Rocky Road

Eventually you reach the point where you can feel pain in your legs and thirst in your throat.  You pause, drink some water, and wait for a moment.  You wonder how you will get through this.  You speculate that hiking is a sport that should actually be trained for.

Just then you look up and notice something protruding from the side of the mountain.  There in front of you rests an outstretched tree root that resembles an arm.  With this ‘arm’ you pull yourself along this strenuous path.  You feel grateful and are now fascinated by this root that seems meant for you to notice.  Is this a helping arm from above – just when you needed it most?

The Helping Arm

You trek along a bit further and notice that the path slope is gradually veering downward. You are overcome with delight and your legs are already feeling better.  You feel the warmth of your child’s hand in yours.  Did the sun just come out from behind the clouds?

The Downhill Path

Finally, as you reach the end of the trail, you understand why you endured as you did.  You gaze out and behold breathtaking views.  You breathe in the crisp, mountain air.  You feel a gentle breeze brush your skin.  You braved the journey and feel fortunate you did not cross paths with a bear or mountain lion and that no other tragedy befell you.  You are glad you took the opportunity to embark upon this unfamiliar path.  Your family will remember this adventure for years to come.

The Flatirons

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” ~ William Shedd

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