Lilac Landing – Wordless Wednesday


Ah, spring.  There are so many beautiful things to see.  A butterfly finds a place to rest on this fragrant, pastel lilac in my backyard.  Enjoy your Wednesday!


Flowers for Mama – Wordless Wednesday


When the Explorer, 6, returned from recess, he carried with him a surprise for me.  He presented me with a bouquet of fragrant wildflowers he’d picked from our yard.  😉


“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” ~Henry Ward Beecher

Wordless Wednesday – Hungry Hummingbird

I was fortunate to capture this image of a hummingbird last summer.  These tiny creatures are not that easy to photograph; they move quickly.  I took many photos in a row without pausing, hoping that one of them would turn out.  And one did.

Hummingbird at Feeder

Keeping Your Lego Sword Close – Wordless Wednesday

The Architect, 8, came up with this nifty idea for a place to carry his Lego Sword: with a Lego piece attached by his belt.


This is quite the useful piece.
Sword slides right in and stays in place. 🙂

Coming next week: an in-depth review of our first quarter of school.